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Wisconsin Ethics Body Signals Legal Action Against Trump’s Fundraising Committee

Donald Trump

In Madison, Wisconsin, the state’s Ethics Commission, comprising both Republican and Democratic members, has moved to recommend felony charges against Donald Trump’s fundraising committee, Save America, alongside several Republican figures. This action underscores alleged attempts to bypass campaign finance laws during a key 2022 primary election. The focus of the investigation is the financial maneuvers surrounding the electoral contest between Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a leading Republican figure in Wisconsin, and challenger Adam Steen, who has closely aligned with Trump, according to reporting by The Washington Post.

The allegations suggest a coordinated effort to exploit campaign finance loopholes, allowing for substantial financial contributions that otherwise breach state limits. Specifically, the case involves accusations that donations were funneled through county Republican parties to benefit Steen’s campaign against Vos, with Save America contributing a total of $15,000 across three counties.

This referral for prosecution introduces a new chapter in the legal challenges facing the former president, adding to an existing portfolio of charges in various jurisdictions. The Ethics Commission’s findings hinge on the cooperation of district attorneys to initiate further legal proceedings. Should local prosecutors not act within a specified timeframe, the commission holds the authority to escalate the matter to Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, a Democrat.

The Trump campaign has yet to issue a response to these developments. The unfolding situation in Wisconsin represents a significant legal and political episode, reflecting ongoing tensions within the Republican Party and broader national debates over campaign finance practices.