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Trump Campaign Restricts NBC News Reporter After Trump Sex Abuse Question

Donald Trump found liable for sex abuse.

In a recent development on the campaign trail, Donald Trump’s campaign team refused to allow Vaughn Hillyard, an NBC News correspondent, to accompany the former president during his New Hampshire campaign events as the designated pool reporter. This decision by the Trump campaign led to a temporary suspension of media access, as detailed in a report by Deadline.

The conflict arose after Hillyard, during his coverage, questioned Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Trump supporter, about the E. Jean Carroll case. Carroll has accused Trump of sexual abuse, and a jury found Trump liable for the sexual abuse and defamation, with a trial in New York currently underway to determine additional damages. Hillyard’s inquiry into the case, particularly asking Stefanik whether she believed Carroll, seemed to have irked the Trump campaign.

Stefanik, in response to Hillyard’s question, dismissed the allegations as witch hunts against Trump, attributing them to media bias. She argued that the American public would express their support for Trump through their votes, echoing the sentiment of distrust towards the media that has been a hallmark of Trump’s political rhetoric.

This restriction of access to Hillyard by the Trump campaign, as reported by Deadline, highlights the ongoing tensions between the Trump team and certain media outlets. The incident underscores the challenges faced by journalists covering the 2024 presidential campaign, particularly in the context of controversial subjects like the Carroll case.

The Trump campaign’s decision not to comment on the restriction of Hillyard further amplifies concerns about media access and freedom in the current political climate. This development is a critical reminder of the complex relationship between political campaigns and the press, especially during a high-stakes election cycle.