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Trump Incorrectly States Barron’s Age in Telemundo Interview

In a recent interview with Telemundo 51, former President Donald Trump mistakenly referred to his youngest son, Barron, as 17 years old, despite the fact that Barron celebrated his 18th birthday in March, according to reporting by NBC News. The slip occurred during a discussion about Barron’s new role as a Florida delegate at the upcoming Republican National Convention—a significant step into the political spotlight for the youngest Trump.

The error quickly sparked reactions, with Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung sharply criticizing NBC News for its coverage of the incident. Cheung accused the network of engaging in “tabloid journalism” and being overly focused on trivial matters rather than substantive political issues.

NBC News, part of the NBCUniversal media group, highlighted this minor gaffe amidst broader reporting on the Trump family’s ongoing involvement in politics. Barron’s role as a delegate marks one of his first public political engagements, a move that his father described as “very cute” and a significant milestone as Barron is also set to graduate from high school soon.

The former president has requested a break from his ongoing criminal trial in New York, where he faces charges related to business practices, to attend Barron’s high school graduation scheduled for May 17. The judge presiding over the case has granted this request.

This incident has drawn media attention not only to Barron’s emerging public role but also to the intense scrutiny that continues to follow the Trump family’s every move, illustrating the complex interplay between personal milestones and political narratives.