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Russia Plans ‘Safe Space’ Village for American Conservatives

Vladimir Putin Public Domain

Russia is reportedly constructing a village outside Moscow, specifically designed for conservative-minded Americans and Canadians. This initiative, as reported by The New Republic, seems to be an extension of Russia’s efforts to cultivate ties with American conservatives amidst its ongoing invasion of Ukraine and the resulting divided stance within the American Republican Party.

According to state media outlet RIA Novosti, Russian immigration lawyer Timur Beslangurov revealed that the village aims to accommodate around 200 families seeking to emigrate for ideological reasons. Beslangurov further claimed that tens of thousands of people, including traditional Catholics with no Russian ancestry, are interested in moving to Russia. They are apparently driven by the belief that Russia will remain the world’s sole Christian country, as well as a rejection of what they see as the West’s radical values, including the acceptance of multiple gender identities.

The future expatriates, according to Beslangurov, are expected to contribute to the funding of this village. His remarks reflect Russia’s broader strategy of positioning itself as a bastion of traditional values in contrast to Western liberalism. This narrative has been a staple of Russian propaganda, often targeting perceived moral and cultural shifts in the United States.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of Americans are reportedly looking to leave the U.S., not over gender issues or vegetarianism, but due to ongoing assaults on abortion rights and LGBTQ civil liberties.

Conversely, Russia’s stance on “traditional” values has manifested in restrictive policies, such as stringent laws against LGBTQ expressions, hefty fines for violating propaganda laws, and a general crackdown on free speech, particularly criticism of the government and its military actions in Ukraine.

The proposed Russian village, therefore, emerges as a paradoxical space, inviting conservative Americans into a country where freedoms they might take for granted are heavily curtailed.