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Donald Trump Reflects on His First Term: “I Was Too Nice”

In an extensive interview with TIME at his property in Palm Beach, former President Donald Trump shared reflections on his presidency and his plans if re-elected. Amid the opulence of his well-known residence and under the watchful eyes of his aides, Trump discussed his perceived restraint during his first term. “I let them quit because I have a heart. I don’t want to embarrass anybody,” he stated, hinting at a more assertive approach in the future: “From now on, I’ll fire.”

Currently, Trump is positioned strongly for the upcoming 2024 presidential election, showing leads over Joe Biden in key swing states. His strategy and rhetoric remain focused not just on winning but on how he would reshape his administration and the country if given another term.

Trump’s vision for his second term includes sweeping changes that would deeply impact American governance and its role on the global stage. He expressed intentions to enact stringent policies affecting more than 11 million people through aggressive deportation plans, which could involve the construction of migrant detention camps and potentially deploying the U.S. military to enforce immigration laws both at the border and within the country.

In matters of domestic policy, Trump suggested that red states should have the authority to monitor women’s pregnancies and enforce strict abortion bans. He also mentioned his willingness to manipulate federal funding and to dismiss any U.S. Attorneys who resist orders to prosecute individuals, signaling a departure from the tradition of independent law enforcement.

Internationally, Trump hinted at a selective approach to U.S. alliances, prioritizing financial contributions over strategic partnerships. His stance could redefine America’s foreign relations, particularly with NATO countries and in handling international crises like potential conflicts in Taiwan or Ukraine.

Throughout the interview, Trump remained unapologetic about his divisive tactics and the loyalty he expects from those around him. He discussed leveraging presidential pardons broadly, potentially excusing the actions of his supporters involved in the January 6 Capitol attack, whom he referred to as “patriots.”

As Trump’s policies and potential actions continue to stir controversy and debate, the implications of his election to a second term pose significant questions about the future of American democracy and its core values.