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Ron DeSantis Contemplates Exiting 2024 Presidential Race, Bloomberg Reports

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL)

According to Bloomberg, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is considering withdrawing from the 2024 presidential race. Sources close to the campaign reveal that DeSantis, along with his top aides and wife Casey, are deliberating the timing and manner of his potential exit. This strategic move is being contemplated to preclude a possible poor showing in the upcoming New Hampshire primary.

The decision-making process is described as fluid, with the final call resting with DeSantis and his wife. One of the scenarios being discussed involves DeSantis stepping down before the New Hampshire voting begins on Tuesday. This decision aims to avoid a potentially underwhelming third-place finish, given the latest polling numbers.

Recent polls from CNN and the University of New Hampshire indicate a challenging scenario for the Florida Governor in the Granite State. DeSantis currently stands at 6% of the state’s Republican vote, significantly trailing behind Donald Trump, who leads with 50%, and Nikki Haley, who has garnered 39%.

DeSantis’s possible exit from the race would mark a significant turn in the 2024 presidential campaign, reshaping the Republican primary landscape. With Trump and Haley as the leading candidates, DeSantis’s departure and subsequent actions, including potential endorsements, could heavily influence the trajectory of the race.

As Bloomberg reports, DeSantis’s campaign team is actively engaged in determining the most advantageous timing and setting for announcing his withdrawal. This decision, critical to DeSantis’s political future, reflects the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the current presidential campaign.