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RFK Jr. Denies Claiming Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese Have Greater COVID-19 Immunity

Quick Summary:

  • Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. refutes allegations of racism and anti-Semitism after his comments suggesting Covid-19 might have been engineered to impact specific ethnic groups.
  • Kennedy faced criticism following his statement that Covid-19 was designed to target Caucasians and Black people, while Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese were more immune.
  • After backlash, he took to Twitter to clarify his remarks, denying that he believed Covid-19 was targeted to spare Jews.
  • He hinted towards a broader theory that governments are developing “ethnically targeted bioweapons.”
  • Marianne Williamson and Rep. Ritchie Torres condemned Kennedy’s comments, expressing their concern over the harmful implications.

RFK Jr. Denies Racism Accusations:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. faced intense backlash after reportedly suggesting Covid-19 could have been genetically engineered to target specific ethnic groups. Kennedy refuted the allegations of racism and anti-Semitism, asserting his comments were misrepresented.

RFK Jr.’s Controversial Remarks:

Kennedy stated during a press event that Covid-19 was “targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people,” whereas Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese were more immune. These comments were met with widespread criticism.

Kennedy Clarifies His Comments:

In response to the backlash, Kennedy took to Twitter to defend his statement. He explained that his comment was not to insinuate that the virus was designed to spare Jews but to express his concern that governments are developing “ethnically targeted bioweapons.”

Criticism From Competitors and Colleagues:

Kennedy’s comments faced condemnation from other Democratic leaders. Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson and Rep. Ritchie Torres slammed Kennedy’s remarks as harmful, amplifying unfounded and racially charged notions.

Lack of Family Support:

Despite his controversial stances, Kennedy continues his longshot campaign for presidency amidst criticism and lack of support from his own family, specifically his sister Rory Kennedy and cousin Patrick Kennedy.

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