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Republicans Attended Trump’s Trial to Circumvent Gag Order, Admits Tuberville

Republicans Attended Trump’s Trial to Circumvent Gag Order, Admits Tuberville

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) candidly admitted that Republican lawmakers attended former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial to “overcome this gag order” on Trump, as reported by Mediaite. Speaking to Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo, Tuberville explained their attendance was a deliberate move to counteract the restrictions imposed by Judge Juan Merchan.

Trump faces 34 felony counts for falsifying business records related to alleged hush money payments to conceal extramarital affairs before the 2016 election. This trial marks the first-ever criminal proceedings against a former U.S. president. The gag order, issued by Judge Merchan, prevents Trump from discussing aspects of the case, including witnesses, jurors, prosecutors, court staff, and their families. Despite multiple violations and fines, Trump and his allies have been vocal in their discontent with these restrictions.

Tuberville, along with other Republican lawmakers and potential vice-presidential candidates, traveled to New York City to support Trump. Their coordinated appearance, mimicking Trump’s trademark attire, drew ridicule online. Although Tuberville did not join the “red tie club,” he expressed his strong support for Trump, criticizing the judicial process.

During his appearance on “The Chris Salcedo Show,” Tuberville condemned the gag order as a misuse of the criminal justice system. He argued that the order unfairly restricted Trump and his supporters while allowing Trump’s opponents free rein. Tuberville emphasized the need for more Republican lawmakers to attend the trial to voice their support and counteract the gag order.

Newsmax host Chris Salcedo supported Tuberville’s stance, stating that the gag order did not apply to Trump’s supporters, who could speak freely about the trial. However, contrary to Tuberville and Salcedo’s interpretation, the gag order explicitly prohibits Trump from directing others to make public statements on his behalf.

As reported by Just Security’s Adam Klasfeld, the gag order extends to prohibiting Trump from instructing others to make public comments. This includes recent remarks by Trump supporters such as Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), who criticized Judge Merchan’s daughter, and other Republicans who targeted key figures involved in the trial.