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Paul Manafort, Poised to Rejoin Trump’s Circle, Working on a Project Supported by China.

Paul Manafort Eyes Return to Trump Campaign Amidst New Consulting Ventures

Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman, is poised to return to the political arena as he is considered for a significant role in managing this summer’s GOP convention. His reintegration into Trump’s circle follows his 2020 pardon after a series of legal battles involving charges of money laundering and obstruction of justice related to his international consulting work.

Despite his controversial past, Manafort has not shied away from the global consulting scene. Recently, he has been linked to a project aimed at launching a streaming platform in China, resembling Netflix, which reportedly received support from the Chinese government. According to documents obtained by The Washington Post and sources familiar with his activities, Manafort’s involvement has primarily been facilitating introductions between the Chinese venture and potential U.S. partners.

This new venture is one of several international activities Manafort has engaged in since his pardon. His global consultancy has extended to advising political figures in Japan and South Korea and participating in discussions on Latin American politics. His broad range of international engagements highlights his continued influence and the diverse scope of his interests beyond American politics.

Manafort’s potential role at the GOP convention, as indicated by Trump’s advisers, underscores his enduring relationship with the former president and his political machinery. Despite not having yet been fully vetted for his recent foreign activities, his strategic acumen and loyalty to Trump during his incarceration seem to pave the way for his comeback.

The implications of Manafort’s involvement in foreign ventures, especially with China, could pose challenges given the current geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and China and the Trump GOP’s stance against the Chinese Communist Party. His activities raise questions about potential conflicts of interest and how they might affect his role in the upcoming election cycle, where the Republican platform is expected to be scrutinized for its foreign policy stances.

As Manafort gears up for a likely influential role in the GOP convention, his international dealings may invite scrutiny from both political allies and adversaries, making his reentry into U.S. politics as complex as the global engagements he continues to navigate.