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GOP Candidate: Jewish People Will “J** You Down”

Ohio Senate Candidate Michele Reynolds (R) is accused of making anti-Semitic remarks in a book she authored in 2014 called “The Dreambiz Blueprint: 101 Business Tips on How to Operate Your Dream Business”.

According to statehouse reporter Jake Zuckerman, Reynolds reportedly used the phrase “Jew you down” in the book, arguing that Jews have a reputation for “not wasting resources.”

The Reynold’s campaign said the statement was meant as a sign of respect for the Jewish people, since Jews have a reputation for “solid money principles,” a statement that in itself is anti-Semitic, since it presumes a racist stereotype (i.e. all Jews are financially well-off or financially savvy) is true.

Zuckerman shared a blurb from Reynolds’ book to his Twitter account, and the blurb does nothing to dispel the accusations made about Reynolds. did a write-up about Reynolds controversial statements.

Tropes: In Ohio’s competitive 3rd Senate District, Democrats are highlighting Republican candidate Michele Reynolds’ use of the phrase “Jew you down” and claiming that Jews have a “reputation of not wasting resources” in a 2014 book she self-published. A spokeswoman for the campaign said Reynolds used the expression to shed light on “what she learned from the wisdom of the Jewish community and how they are reputable for building successful businesses with a foundation of solid money principles.”