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NYT: Tucker Carlson Hijacks Iowa Evangelical Forum To Undermine Ukraine

Quick Summary:

  • Tucker Carlson, formerly of Fox News, hijacked an Iowa presidential forum by pushing the discussion towards Ukraine.
  • Bob Vander Plaats, the well-known conservative evangelical, handed the interviewing duties to Carlson.
  • The focus of the event swiftly moved from social-cultural issues to foreign policy, specifically Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • Carlson controversially accused Ukraine of being the transgressor, despite evidence to the contrary.
  • High-profile Republican figures like Mike Pence and Tim Scott faced off with Carlson’s anti-Ukraine talking points.
  • Mike Pence, who faced harsh questioning by Carlson at the forum, remarked, “I’m really never surprised by Tucker Carlson.”

A Tale of Two Agendas

In a surprising twist of events at a recent Republican presidential forum in Des Moines, Iowa, well-known conservative evangelical Bob Vander Plaats saw his showcase dramatically pivot away from faith-based topics to foreign affairs. The change came as he handed the interview reins over to former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

While the Family Leadership Conference was initially meant to feature discussions around faith and conservative social values, it quickly found itself navigating the complex waters of foreign policy, specifically the issue of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. What might have otherwise been a platform for dialogue around social matters was upended when Carlson took over the discourse.

Tucker Carlson Paints Ukraine As Villain Instead Of Victim

Carlson’s perspective on Ukraine as the transgressor in its conflict with Russia challenged the narrative maintained by much of the global community. His provocations led to revealing interactions with several Republican presidential hopefuls present at the event.

During a particularly tense exchange, Carlson intercepted former Vice President Mike Pence’s criticism of the Biden administration for a perceived delay in military aid to Ukraine. “We promised them 33 Abrams tanks in January. I heard again two weeks ago in Ukraine, they still don’t have them,” lamented Pence, expressing concern over Ukraine’s vulnerability without adequate U.S. support. In response, Carlson pointedly asked, “Wait, I know you’re running for president, but you are distressed that Ukrainians don’t have enough American tanks?”

Clash of Perspectives

Asa Hutchinson, the Governor of Arkansas and the head of border security under former President George W. Bush, found himself embroiled in a difficult conversation with Carlson. In one instance, Carlson stated, “The total body count from Russia in the United States is right around zero; I don’t know anyone who’s been killed by Russia,” attempting to minimize Russia’s threat compared to Mexico’s. Hutchinson was then compelled to explain why bombing Mexican drug cartels would be a problematic act of war against a friendly neighboring state.

Repercussions and Reflections

Carlson’s aggressive focus on foreign policy highlighted an ongoing divide within the Republican Party. Traditional conservatives favour the projection of American military power, while a new, more isolationist wing, seemingly represented by Carlson, leans towards Russia.

Pence, for one, expressed regret about the missed opportunity to address key social issues, stating, “I regret that we didn’t have very much time during my time onstage to talk about the progress for life or issues impacting the family.”

His final comment, “I’m really never surprised by Tucker Carlson,” seemed to encapsulate the mood of the event.


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