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NYT: DeSantis Sees Waning Support from Murdoch’s Media Empire As Murdoch Eyes Glenn Youngkin

Basic Idea:

Fox News and other conservative outlets, traditionally friendly platforms for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, have shown growing skepticism toward him lately. This shift hints at a possible reassessment of DeSantis within Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, raising questions about his presidential campaign, according to reporting by the New York Times.

Key Points:

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis, once the strongest alternative to former President Trump in the Republican Party, is experiencing tougher coverage from Fox News and other conservative outlets. This shift indicates a possible waning of support within Murdoch’s media empire.
  • DeSantis has faced noticeably challenging questions on his struggling campaign and low poll numbers from Fox hosts, marking a stark change from the previously friendly network that served as a safe space for him.
  • Other Murdoch-owned outlets, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post, have also exhibited less favorable coverage of DeSantis lately. This includes criticisms on his stringent immigration bill and less flattering coverage of his campaign.
  • While DeSantis’s decision to challenge Trump was expected to result in criticism from his Republican peers, the increasing skepticism from previously supportive conservative outlets could mean Murdoch’s empire is reconsidering its support for him.
  • While Murdoch’s media outlets may have less influence over Republican politics than in the past, they remain impactful, with GOP candidates and major party donors still paying heed to their coverage.
  • Despite DeSantis’s overall favorable view among Republican voters, he has struggled to narrow the polling gap between him and Trump. His unscripted, challenged exchanges contrast with Trump’s combative interview style.
  • Murdoch has privately expressed his interest in seeing other Republican figures like Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia enter the race and believes Trump’s popularity could be detrimental to the Republican Party.
  • DeSantis’s campaign plans to continue conducting interviews with Fox hosts despite the more challenging questioning.
  • Despite some negative coverage, outlets like The Wall Street Journal have occasionally compared DeSantis favorably to Trump.
  • The changing coverage of DeSantis signals the complexities for Fox and other outlets in navigating the already contentious Republican presidential primary race.