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35% of New Hampshire Republicans Won’t Support Trump in General Election

Donald Trump

A recent Fox News poll has highlighted a significant split among Republican voters in New Hampshire regarding former President Donald Trump’s potential nomination for the upcoming general election. The survey, which involved 2,000 primary voters in the state, revealed that more than one-third of Republicans would not vote for Trump even if he becomes the party’s nominee, according to The Messenger.

The poll found that while 53% of New Hampshire Republicans would be satisfied with Trump as the nominee, a notable 35% stated they would not vote for him. This division is indicative of the internal challenges facing the Republican Party as it gears up for the general election.

The survey also shed light on the voter sentiment towards Nikki Haley, another key figure in the Republican race. Approximately 32% of voters expressed dissatisfaction with Haley as a potential nominee, saying they would not support her. In contrast, only 39% stated they would be content with the former South Carolina governor representing the party against Democrats in the fall.

The divide between supporters of Haley and Trump is even more pronounced. A striking 77% of Haley’s voters expressed unwillingness to support Trump. Similarly, over half of Trump’s voters indicated they would not back Haley if she were the nominee.

This Fox News poll underscores the deep divisions within the Republican base in New Hampshire, highlighting the challenges both Trump and Haley face in securing broad support within their party.