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Nancy Mace Claims Staffers Committed Sabotage; Staffers Deny Allegations

Turmoil in Rep. Nancy Mace’s Office: Allegations of Sabotage and Mismanagement

Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace has made explosive allegations against her former staff, accusing them of a series of severe misconducts, including financial mismanagement, electronic sabotage, and personal privacy violations. In an extraordinary interview with, Mace detailed the chaos within her office, painting a picture of betrayal and dysfunction.

According to Mace, her former aides mismanaged a significant amount of her office’s budget—approximately $1 million—hacked into her electronic devices, spied on her medical records, and even submerged office devices in water to destroy evidence. The congresswoman described these actions as deliberate sabotage, suggesting that these were coordinated efforts to undermine her.

The South Carolina lawmaker, who had to overhaul her staff following these incidents, believes the sabotage was extensive, impacting not only her professional operations but also her personal life. She claimed that the former staff had unauthorized access to her and her children’s calendars and monitored her movements and medical appointments.

These allegations have stirred controversy, with former staffers pushing back against her claims. One ex-staffer suggested that Mace’s accusations stem from paranoia and advised that she seek help, indicating a potentially toxic environment in her office. They defended their actions, stating that the sharing of calendars and other actions were standard procedures, not breaches of privacy or acts of sabotage.

The conflict extends beyond the operational chaos, touching on personal elements of Mace’s life, including the recent end of her engagement, which coincided with the staff upheaval. Her former chief of staff even initiated a primary challenge against her, hinting at deep-rooted animosity and political maneuvering within her team.

This internal strife paints a complex picture of a congresswoman navigating significant challenges within her professional circle while attempting to maintain her public responsibilities and personal well-being. The full impact of these allegations on Mace’s career and her office’s functionality remains to be seen as she and her new team attempt to stabilize her congressional operations and restore trust where it has evidently been lost.