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Missouri Senate Rejects Rape and Incest Abortion Exceptions

Sen. Sandy Crawford, R-Buffalo. (Screenshot_Facebook)

In Jefferson City, Missouri, the Republican majority in the Senate stood united against Democratic efforts to introduce exceptions for rape and incest in the state’s stringent abortion laws, accord to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This development follows the imposition of a near-total abortion ban in Missouri since June 2022, permitting procedures only in medical emergencies. The Democratic push to amend this restrictive stance emerged during discussions on a Republican-led initiative to halt Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood, a plan that Democrats countered with amendments aimed at moderating the existing abortion ban.

Despite the low likelihood of Democratic amendments passing, the endeavor highlighted the GOP’s staunch support for a law perceived by Democrats as misaligned with public sentiment. All present Republican members voted against Sen. Tracy McCreery’s proposals for rape and incest exceptions, underscoring the party’s unified pro-life stance. During this debate, Sen. Sandy Crawford, a Republican from Buffalo, articulated her stance against these proposed exceptions. She rooted her opposition in the sanctity of life, emphasizing a divine perspective. “God is perfect. God does not make mistakes. And for some reason he allows that to happen — bad things happen,” Crawford stated.

The session also saw an intense exchange over Sen. Doug Beck’s amendment, which sought to permit abortions for girls aged 12 or younger. This proposal, intended to address the severe health implications for child victims of rape, sparked a contentious debate with Sen. Bill Eigel, who misconstrued the amendment’s implications and emphasized his opposition to abortion, irrespective of the circumstances.

Amid these debates, the Senate also faced internal friction regarding the prioritization of legislative matters. Senate Appropriations Chairman Lincoln Hough expressed frustration over the diversion from critical funding mechanisms for Missouri’s Medicaid program, overshadowed by the abortion law discourse and other GOP priorities.