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Lawsuit: Jeffrey Epstein Introduced Bill Gates And Bibi Netanyahu To JP Morgan


  • A lawsuit claims financier Jeffrey Epstein played a significant role in connecting high-profile figures, including Bill Gates and Benjamin Netanyahu, to JP Morgan.
  • Despite Epstein’s 2008 conviction for soliciting a minor for prostitution, JP Morgan is alleged to have continued its professional relationship with him.
  • Discrepancies arise when comparing the chronology of Epstein’s relationship with JP Morgan as reported by Business Insider and the Associated Press.

Epstein’s Networking Mastery: The Alleged Introduction List to JP Morgan

The lawsuit alleges that Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t just a high-value client for JP Morgan but a crucial link in introducing several influential figures to the banking giant. The list of key individuals introduced to JP Morgan through Epstein is quite striking and includes:

  1. Bill Gates: The co-founder of Microsoft and globally influential tech pioneer.
  2. Benjamin Netanyahu: The Prime Minister of Israel, renowned for his extensive network of global contacts.
  3. Glenn Dubin: Billionaire hedge fund manager.
  4. Sergey Brin: Co-founder of Google, one of the tech industry’s giants.
  5. Leon Black: Billionaire businessman and former CEO of Apollo Global Management.
  6. Larry Summers: Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and Harvard President.
  7. The Sultan of Dubai: An influential figure in the UAE’s ruling family.
  8. Prince Andrew: Member of the British royal family.
  9. Ehud Barak: Former Prime Minister of Israel and Defense Minister.
  10. Thomas Pritzker: Executive Chairman of Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

The lawsuit stops short of specifying the nature or outcomes of these introductions. However, it unequivocally establishes Epstein as a potent connector who could potentially influence the bank’s client relationships.

Timelines Merge

Differences emerge when comparing the timelines provided by Business Insider and the Associated Press regarding Epstein’s dealings with JP Morgan. Business Insider suggests that the bank maintained a relationship with Epstein after his 2008 conviction for soliciting a minor for prostitution.

JP Morgan’s Relationship with Epstein

The lawsuit alleges JP Morgan continued dealing with Epstein despite his 2008 conviction, raising questions about the bank’s ethical business practices. If true, it could suggest the banking giant knowingly engaged with a convicted felon, potentially violating its own ethical guidelines and legal responsibilities. It’s crucial to stress that these are allegations, with JP Morgan presumed innocent until proven guilty. Ongoing legal proceedings will provide further clarity.


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