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Idaho Republican Fears Human Composting Linked To Cannibalism

Heather Scott by Gage Skidmore.

Representative Heather Scott (R- Blanchard) has introduced a bill aimed at expanding the state’s legal framework against cannibalism, prompted by her fear of human composting. “This is going to be normalized at some point, the way our society’s going and the direction we’re going,” according to reporting by the Idaho Statesman. Human composting is a method of converting human remains into soil for environmental benefits,

Scott’s legislative push is fueled by media portrayals of human composting’s potential misuse.

She recounted an incident while flying over the summer, where she watched a television clip showing a chef purportedly incorporating human flesh into sausage served to contestants. Despite recognizing the segment from a TruTV prank show, the vivid depiction left a strong impression on her. “They didn’t tell the people, they fed it to them.”

Further adding to her concerns were internet hoaxes, including a story about canned human flesh being sold in Zambia — a story that was debunked in 2016.

Scott expressed a deep desire to keep non-consensual cannibalism out of Idaho. Referring to human composting, Scott remarked, “I didn’t want to see that in my Home Depot stores.”

The bill she proposes seeks to fortify Idaho’s stance against cannibalism by specifically banning the distribution and consumption of human flesh without explicit consent.