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GOP Chairman Calls For Extinguishing “The Left” at GOP Youth Summit

Quick Summary: Anthony Sabatini, the Lake County GOP Chair and ally of former President Trump, was recorded on camera calling for the total destruction of the political left in America during a speech at the Florida Teenage Republicans Youth Summit. He advocated for defunding government schools and government agencies and further supported the full implementation of House Bill 1, enabling state-funded vouchers for private schools, according to Newsweek.

Sabatini’s Controversial Remarks Anthony Sabatini, chair of the Lake County GOP and an ally of former President Trump, made the headline-grabbing comments at the Florida Teenage Republicans Youth Summit on June 17. Videos of his speech, posted on Twitter by Lauren Windsor, show Sabatini advocating for the elimination of the political left in the country.

Challenging GOP Rep. Daniel Webster Sabatini, a former member of the Florida House of Representatives, is currently challenging GOP Rep. Daniel Webster in Florida’s 11th congressional district. His controversial remarks are believed to reflect his campaign’s political stance and goals.

Pushing for Defunding and Private Schooling In the shared videos, Sabatini can be heard calling for the defunding of government schools and government agencies. He further expresses his desire for the transition towards 100 percent private schooling in Florida, mentioning House Bill 1 in his argument. The bill, recently passed, offers taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools.

Reactions to Sabatini’s Comments The comments have been widely discussed on social media, with various viewpoints presented. Requests for comments from Sabatini’s campaign, the Lake County GOP, and Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office have been sent by Newsweek.