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E. Jean Carroll to Allocate $83.3 Million Award to Causes Opposed by Trump

E. Jean Carroll YouTube/Screenshot

As reported by The Messenger, E. Jean Carroll, who recently won an $83.3 million defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, has expressed her intention to use the awarded damages in a manner that directly opposes Trump’s values. Speaking on ABC’s Good Morning America, Carroll outlined her plans for the substantial sum.

Carroll emphasized her desire not to squander the funds but instead to channel them into causes that would be particularly dissonant with Trump’s views. “I’d like to give the money to something Donald Trump hates,” Carroll stated. She suggested establishing a fund to support women who have been sexually assaulted by Trump, seeing it as a way to utilize the money effectively while also causing discomfort to the former president.

This statement follows the court’s decision to award Carroll a substantial sum in her defamation case against Trump. Carroll’s plan for the damages reflects not just a personal victory in her legal battle, but also a broader statement against Trump’s alleged actions and attitudes towards women.