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Former Trump Staffer, Who Was Present At Capitol Riot, Removed from Trump Victory Party

Alina Habba and Dylan Quattrucci via Twitter.

Dylan Quattrucci, a former Trump staffer, was recently ousted from a victory party for former President Donald Trump. The incident, covered by Mediaite, occurred shortly after Quattrucci shared a photo with Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, on social media.

Quattrucci, who was also present at the January 6 Capitol riot, found himself in the spotlight after being recorded during the riot directing harsh words towards police officers. His actions during the riot led to his resignation from his role as the Trump campaign’s deputy state director in New Hampshire.

The incident at Trump’s victory party was captured on video, showing Quattrucci being escorted out while expressing his disbelief and questioning the reason for his removal. In the video, he stated, “I’ve done more for President Trump than literally anybody in the entire state, and they’re removing me from this event. That is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.”

This event adds another layer to the controversy surrounding Quattrucci, who had claimed to have been tear-gassed during the Capitol riot. In his protest during the ejection from the party, Quattrucci highlighted his loyalty and contributions to Trump’s campaign, expressing frustration over the lack of clarity on why he was being removed.

The Trump campaign has not provided any comment on the situation. Quattrucci’s presence at both the Capitol riot and the recent Trump victory party raises questions about the internal dynamics and treatment of loyalty within Trump’s circle.