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Trump in Deposition: I Prevented “Nuclear Holocaust” As President

Former President Donald Trump

In a revelation that captures the combative nature of former President Donald Trump, a video deposition from April 2023, recently released to CBS News, unravels a series of grandiose claims and insights into his conduct under oath.

This footage, obtained following a freedom of information request, is part of Trump’s ongoing civil fraud case in New York, presenting a stark contrast to the public persona he maintained during his presidency.

During his New York testimony, Trump vehemently defended his actions while in office, insisting that his focus was solely on national security and international relations, particularly with China and Russia. He claimed, with a degree of bravado, that his presidency averted a “nuclear holocaust,” particularly in dealings with North Korea, a statement that sparked both skepticism and analysis from legal experts and political commentators.

This case, centered on allegations of fraud involving Trump, his two adult sons, and the Trump Organization, delves into the intricate financial and legal entanglements of Trump’s empire. Before the trial, Trump and his organization were found liable for fraud, with New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office pursuing significant penalties, including a $370 million fine and a lifetime ban on Trump’s involvement in New York real estate.

Trump’s deposition and subsequent trial testimony spotlight his tendency to intertwine his political achievements with his legal defenses. His argument that his presidency was primarily devoted to international affairs and keeping America safe was juxtaposed against the backdrop of his business dealings, which he claimed were of little concern to him during his time in the White House.

However, his claims were met with challenges from Kevin Wallace, a lawyer for James’ office, who steered the conversation towards Trump’s business interests during his presidency. Trump’s responses were often sprawling and indirect, touching upon the profitability of his properties and the state of crime in New York City, rather than directly addressing the legal queries.

This deposition is crucial as it offers a glimpse into Trump’s legal strategy and his approach to defending himself and his business empire against significant allegations of fraud. The New York case is just one of several legal battles that Trump faces, each with potentially far-reaching implications for his future in politics and business.

As the legal proceedings continue, Trump’s responses and strategies will be closely scrutinized, both for their legal merit and for the insights they offer into the former president’s mindset and approach to legal challenges.