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Florida Governor DeSantis Deploys State Guard to Texas Border To Bolster Concertina-Wire Barriers

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) YouTube_Screenshot

In a significant escalation of state-level response to the U.S.-Mexico border situation, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the deployment of members of the Florida State Guard to assist Texas in fortifying its border. This move, as reported by The Miami Herald, is in direct reaction to what DeSantis has termed an “invasion” of migrants.

The deployment decision aligns with Texas’ ongoing conflict with the Biden administration over migrant crossings and the construction of concertina-wire barriers. Despite a recent Supreme Court ruling favoring the federal government’s authority to dismantle state-erected barriers, Texas officials have expressed their intention to continue their barrier construction efforts.

DeSantis, during a press conference in Jacksonville, outlined the objectives of the deployment. “The goal is to help Texas fortify this border, help them strengthen the barricades, help them add barriers, help them add the wire that they need so that we can stop this invasion once and for all,” he stated.

This operation will include members of the Florida State Guard, Florida National Guard, and Florida Highway Patrol troopers. While the exact number of personnel and duration of deployment remain unspecified, approximately 50 members were present at the announcement event.

This deployment is notable as it marks the first instance of the Florida State Guard being activated for duties outside the state since its revival by DeSantis in 2022. Initially reestablished to respond to state emergencies, such as natural disasters, the Guard’s role has expanded under DeSantis to encompass support for law enforcement in managing riots and illegal immigration.

At the press conference, DeSantis was accompanied by members of the Florida State Guard, Florida National Guard, and Florida Highway Patrol. The event featured a private jet and a podium bearing the message “Stop the invasion.”

Mark Thieme, Director of the Florida State Guard, emphasized the Guard’s readiness: “We at the Florida State Guard are postured to deliver rapid response to any and all threats to public safety wherever and whenever need arises.”

DeSantis’ action signifies an assertive state-level approach to the ongoing border crisis and reflects the growing tension between state and federal policies on immigration and border security.