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In Straw Poll, Boebert Secures Fifth Place Among Nine Candidates in New District

Lauren Boebert Credit: Gage Skidmore

In a report by The Denver Post, a recent straw poll at a 4th Congressional District debate in Fort Lupton, Colorado, revealed that U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert may face significant challenges in her new political terrain. Boebert, who recently shifted from the 3rd to the 4th District, landed in fifth place among nine Republican candidates, indicating a potentially tough battle ahead in the predominantly rural district.

The poll, which surveyed just over 100 Republicans, may not be representative of the nearly 190,000 registered party members in the district. However, it does provide early insights into the congresswoman’s standing among constituents unfamiliar with her. Boebert, known for her high-profile presence and considerable campaign funds, acknowledged the need to earn voter support, dismissing any notion of a “coronation.”

In another political development, the race for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, represented by Democrat Yadira Caraveo, is shaping up to be highly competitive. The district, which includes a mix of suburbs and farmland, is nearly evenly split among Democrats, Republicans, and independents. Three Republican contenders – Weld County Commissioner Scott James, state Rep. Gabe Evans, and Air Force vet Joe Andujo – participated in a debate, focusing on conservative issues ranging from transgender youth medical treatments to abortion and immigration.

The GOP candidates in the 8th District, notably two of whom are Latino, are positioning themselves in stark contrast to Caraveo’s pro-abortion rights stance and approach to immigration. The Latino demographic, making up 40% of the district, could play a crucial role in the outcome, especially considering Caraveo’s historic win as Colorado’s first Latina in Congress.

The debates and straw poll results reflect the shifting political dynamics in Colorado’s congressional districts. While the 4th District seems set to remain Republican, the outcome of the 8th District race remains uncertain, with significant implications for both parties.