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Climate Crisis: “We Are Damned Fools” – A Leading Scientist’s Dire Warning


  • Distinguished climate scientist James Hansen, and fellow researchers, lay bare an ominous prediction about the escalating climate crisis, pointing us towards a hitherto unseen “climate frontier.”
  • The rise in global temperature by 1.2C since industrialization is augmenting the odds of extreme summer temperatures, a troubling trend highlighted by Hansen.
  • Hansen reflects on the collective failure of scientists and world leaders in conveying the urgency of the climate crisis.
  • A contentious theory of accelerating global heating, a product of Earth’s unbalanced energy dynamics, is awaiting peer review.
  • The scientific community presents a divided front on this rate of acceleration.
  • The current thermal surge has led our planet to temperature levels unseen since about 125,000 years ago.
  • Anticipated warming could plunge us into a reality akin to the Pliocene epoch, with temperatures not experienced for 1-3 million years.
  • The rate of climatic change is at a level unparalleled since the dinosaur extinction event 65 million years ago, with the rapid transformation posing a formidable challenge to our immovable infrastructures.

A Warning Unheeded

Once again, the authoritative voice of James Hansen, the vanguard scientist who first put the greenhouse effect on the world’s radar in the 1980s, rings with a chilling forewarning. He elucidates a trajectory towards a “new climate frontier,” a realm where temperatures surpass those of the last million years, unleashing a Pandora’s box of supercharged storms, relentless heatwaves, and parching droughts. Hansen’s words hold a mirror to the future: “These superstorms are a taste of the storms of my grandchildren. We are headed wittingly into the new reality – we knew it was coming.”

The Cost of Complacency

Hansen’s journey from a NASA climate scientist to a vocal climate activist protesting alongside eco-warriors sheds light on his unwavering commitment to climate action. He has consistently urged world leaders to address the planet-heating emissions. Hansen voices a poignant reflection on the inertia and inadequate response to the climate crisis: “It means we are damned fools…We have to taste it to believe it.”

The Heat of the Matter

The year 2023 threatens to rewrite climatic records as the hottest year ever documented. The current upswing in global temperatures parallels those last seen around 125,000 years ago, a time well before the last ice age. If the thermometers continue to climb, reaching another 1C or more, we could be facing an environment reminiscent of the Pliocene epoch, 1-3 million years ago.

The Acceleration Controversy

In a recent research paper, still under the lens of peer review, Hansen proposes a compelling yet controversial theory. He suggests that the acceleration of global heating is a result of an unprecedented imbalance in the energy dynamics of Earth – the ratio of incoming solar energy to the energy reflected away. Yet, this theory is causing ripples within the scientific community. Despite the chorus of concern raised by some scientists, others, including Michael Mann of the University of Pennsylvania, maintain that the climate system’s heating has remained “remarkably steady.”

The Leap into the Unknown

Matthew Huber, a paleoclimatology expert at Purdue University, captures the gravity of our predicament. He says, “We are pushing temperatures up to Pliocene levels, which is outside the realm of human experience; it’s such a massive change that most things on Earth haven’t had to deal with it.”

Nevertheless, Huber argues that despair is not an option in the face of this stark reality. He emphasizes, “We need to say ‘Here is where we need to invest and make changes and innovate’ and not give up. We can’t just write off billions of people.”

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