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CIA Director: Abandoning Ukraine Would Be A Mistake of Historic Proportions

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CIA Director William Burns continues to emphasize the importance of ongoing assistance to Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia. Burns, in a column for Foreign Affairs, highlighted the strategic significance of this support, describing it as a “relatively modest investment with significant geopolitical returns.”

Burns argues that less than 5 percent of the U.S. defense budget is currently allocated to aid Kyiv, a commitment he views as crucial in the broader geopolitical landscape. He points out that this support not only strengthens Ukraine’s military capabilities but also positions it advantageously for potential negotiations to end the war. This aid is viewed as a strategic counter to Russia’s substantial expenditures in sustaining the conflict.

Burns’ commentary, warning against the repercussions of withdrawing support at this critical juncture, uses the metaphor of an “own goal” in soccer to describe the potential strategic misstep. Such a move, he suggests, would inadvertently benefit Russia, akin to scoring against one’s own team.

This plea from the CIA director comes at a time of internal deliberations within the U.S. government, particularly as lawmakers grapple with a $60 billion aid package for Ukraine, which is currently intertwined with debates over a southern border deal. The Biden administration has been actively advocating for the passage of this aid package, though the timeline for a legislative resolution remains uncertain.

Burns’ advocacy for Ukrainian support follows his recent confidential visit to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv. During this visit, as reported by The Washington Post, Burns briefed Zelenskyy on anticipated Russian military strategies and movements.

This situation underscores the complexity of international relations and defense strategies, highlighting the significant role of U.S. foreign policy in global conflict dynamics. The ongoing deliberations over aid to Ukraine represent a critical decision point, not only for U.S.-Ukraine relations but also for the broader geopolitical balance.