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Details Emerge in Investigation of Former Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler

Christian Ziegler YouTube_Screenshot

Sarasota police have disclosed new documents in the investigation of Christian Ziegler, former Florida Republican Party Chairman, regarding rape allegations by a woman he had known for 14 years, as reported by FOX 13 News. The investigation, which initially garnered attention after Ziegler was accused, has now revealed intricate details of their interaction.

The released records include information from a search of Ziegler’s phone, uncovering messages between him and his wife, Bridget Ziegler. These messages show Bridget’s hesitation about a potential threesome with the accuser, a situation both parties confirmed having engaged in consensually in the past.

According to police reports, on the incident’s date, the woman expected both Zieglers to be involved. However, Christian messaged her stating his wife would not join, and the woman expressed disinterest in his solo visit. Despite this, Christian arrived at her residence, where she alleges he sexually assaulted her.

Christian Ziegler, in his statement to the police, insisted that the encounter on October 2, 2023, was consensual. He described being invited into the woman’s home and detailed how the situation escalated into a sexual encounter. He also mentioned previous consensual sexual interactions with the woman.

Bridget Ziegler, in her interview with the police, expressed shock over the rape accusation but was aware of her husband’s extramarital activities. She confirmed her participation in a past threesome with her husband and the woman but indicated no recent engagements.

The investigation also brought to light a text exchange between Christian and Bridget from February 2, 2021. In this conversation, Christian expresses interest in the woman, while Bridget voices concerns about potentially taking advantage of her. The report also mentions Christian’s suggestion to seek a new partner.

Additionally, a list found on Christian Ziegler’s phone, titled “THE LIST,” included the accuser’s name under a sexually suggestive subheading. Following his police interview, Ziegler conducted Google searches related to criminal investigations, false allegation lawsuits, and civil suit costs.

Police noted that Ziegler cooperated throughout the investigation and provided a video of the sexual encounter, which he had recorded. This video led police to conclude that the encounter was likely consensual. Despite the extensive investigation, police concluded their inquiry without filing charges against Christian Ziegler, maintaining his innocence throughout the process.