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The U.S. Should Publicly Spearhead the Seizure of Russia’s Frozen Reserves

In response to Russia’s brazen assassination of Alexei Navalny, along with its ongoing aggressive actions—including threats toward Moldova and relentless attacks on Ukraine—President Biden should deliver a decisive financial blow against the Kremlin.

He should make a public declaration of the United States’ commitment to leading the effort to confiscate the $300 billion in frozen Russian assets. This strategic reallocation of resources is designed to enhance Ukraine’s defensive capabilities and facilitate the country’s recovery and rebuilding efforts following the conflict.

Such a strategic move would serve not only as a retributive measure against Russia’s hostile acts but also as a demonstration of the United States’ strong resolve to curb Russian military ambitions and mitigate the impacts of its illegal aggression.

Adopting this bold approach would also challenge pro-Putin Republicans, who seem intent on allowing Ukraine to fall under Russian dominion. It would place them in the difficult position of defending Russian financial interests as Ukraine fortifies its independence with substantial U.S. military support.