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Another Certified Liar in Congress? You Won’t Believe the Latest Republican Fraud.

Cliff Schechter gives his take on the further ‘Santosization’ of the Republican Party. What is a political party made up of manufactured people?

The Debt Unpaid: How Enslaved Africans Created American Prosperity.

The entanglement of slavery with the American economy in 1860 is an intricate and somber narrative. …

Creating Something From Nothing: The Future of Artificial Intelligence:

What happens when technology is capable of creation independent from human creativity?

Sacrificing the Most To Receive the Least: How African-Americans Fought For The Freedoms They Were Often Denied

Introduction: A Legacy of Valor and Paradox The narrative of African Americans in the U.S. military …

Spanish: How The Language of A Once Tiny Kingdom Became Global

The emergence of Spanish as a national language is a relatively recent phenomenon, mirroring the his…

Water Wars: How Water Scarcity Contributes To Human Conflict

The unfolding saga of climate change is, at its core, a crisis of water. Manifested through the extr…