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Anna Paulina Claims To Be Jewish, Yet Her Grandfather Served In Hitler’s Army


  • Anna Paulina Luna carved a political path informed by an eclectic mix of military service, academic accomplishment, modeling, and Instagram influence.
  • Luna’s public embrace of her Hispanic heritage from 2019 contrasted sharply with her earlier self-identification as “White, not of Hispanic origin.”
  • The narrative of a Messianic Jewish upbringing, as told by Luna, conflicts with testimonies from family members stating her father was Catholic.
  • Luna’s public silence on her grandfather’s service in Nazi Germany’s armed forces contrasts with her pride in her great-grandfathers’ World War II service.
  • Luna’s journey to and in Congress has been punctuated by controversy and unconventional choices.

Crafting an Identity

The journey of Anna Paulina Luna, from the military’s disciplined environment to the limelight of Instagram influence, and now to the fraught arena of American politics, is indeed a study in versatility. Yet, the crafting of this compelling persona, which successfully leveraged her into the political scene, is mired in inconsistencies when pitted against public records and family testimonies.

The Gap Between Claim and Reality

Claim: Hispanic Heritage Luna publicly embraced her Hispanic heritage in 2019.

Reality: Contradicting this assertion, Luna’s 2015 voter registration in Okaloosa County, Fla., clearly identified her as “White, not of Hispanic origin.” It was only in 2019 that she amended her ethnicity to Hispanic in her registration.

Claim: Messianic Jewish Upbringing Luna has maintained that although she identifies as Christian, she was raised as a Messianic Jew by her father.

Reality: This narrative, however, stands at odds with the accounts of three family members who affirm that Luna’s father was Catholic and was not known to practice any form of Judaism during Luna’s childhood.

Claim: Selective Ancestral Recognition Luna has acknowledged her Ashkenazi Jewish heritage but has remained silent on her grandfather’s service in Nazi Germany’s armed forces.

Reality: Her silence was broken by Luna’s uncle, who revealed a photograph corroborating that their grandfather had indeed served in the Wehrmacht, the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

Courting Controversy in Congress

Luna’s term in Congress has been nothing short of unconventional. From advocating firearm possession at committee meetings to dismissing White House event attendance due to COVID-19 protocols, Luna’s political conduct is as much a part of her narrative as her asserted identity.

Luna Unveiled

The image that Anna Paulina Luna projects – a patchwork of heritage claims, unconventional political conduct, and personal victories – is constantly challenged by the realities that emerge from public records and family testimonies.

As the discrepancies stack up, Luna remains unyielding: “I always tell people that you have two options in life: you can either choose to be the victor or the victim. I chose to be a victor.”

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