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A Homophobe In Public, Steven Crowder Allegedly Exposed Himself To Men In Private

Far-right media personality Steven Crowder finds himself under scrutiny due to allegations that he exposed himself to male employees and exchanged drugs at work.

These allegations paint a picture of a man whose alleged private behavior starkly contrasts with his public persona, creating an environment rife with manipulation and abuse.

The Many Allegations Against Crowder

Steven Crowder, whose controversial right-wing show “Louder with Crowder”, is facing serious allegations.

These allegations come from a variety of sources, culminating in a mosaic of troubling accusations:

  1. Sexual Harassment: According to a report by Mediaite, Crowder is accused of sending unsolicited sexually explicit text messages, including photos of his genitals, to his co-workers. One former employee told Mediaite, “The more disgusted everyone seemed, the more pleasure he seemed to get from it. It’s like he couldn’t understand that we weren’t in on his ‘joke’”.
  2. Workplace Misconduct: Crowder’s former staff members accuse him of fostering a hostile work environment. They describe him as displaying bullying behavior and erratic conduct, including frequent drug use, which resulted in a highly stressful work environment.
  3. Public Exposure: In a report by The Advocate, it is alleged that Crowder frequently exposed his genitals to his male co-workers, causing them great discomfort. As one former employee explained, “It happened all the time. It was a regular occurrence”.
  4. Drug Abuse and Distribution: Crowder has been accused of not only using drugs himself but also encouraging his staff members to participate. According to Mediaite, he has been reported offering and asking for prescription drugs within the workplace.
  5. Abuse of Family Members: The New York Post reports allegations of abuse toward his own family members, specifically his father, Darrin Crowder, and estranged wife, Hilary.
  6. Grooming: The narrative takes a darker turn as some ex-employees allege that Crowder’s actions seemed to resemble ‘grooming,’ testing their comfort levels with explicit behavior.
  7. Explicit Images to Staff: Crowder has allegedly sent unsolicited explicit images to his male employees, as described by former “Louder with Crowder” staff members.
  8. Crowder Regularly Exposed Himself To Male Staff: Crowder’s office conduct reportedly included habitual exposure of himself to other male staffers.
  9. Uncomfortable Discussion At Bible Study: Crowder allegedly made uncomfortable comments during a men’s only Bible study he held in 2021, including how “men used to be more physically intimate with each other.”

Crowder’s Hypocritical Paradox

While Crowder’s anti-LGBTQ+ views have been a hallmark of his public persona, the emerging allegations against him suggest a more complex narrative, albeit one that unfolded beyond the eyes of his viewing audience.

The testimonies of ex-employees present a behavioral paradox: explicit text messages, instances of public exposure, and uncomfortable remarks during Bible studies challenge Crowder’s public persona. These behaviors, if validated by ongoing investigations, may reflect a deeply personal conflict.

They talk about unsolicited, sexually graphic texts, which include photos of Crowder’s genitalia, instances of him exposing himself to male staffers, and uncomfortable, homo-erotic, remarks made during Bible studies.

A 2012 research paper published by the University of Rochester proposes that strong homophobic attitudes might mask unconscious attractions to the same sex.

“People who have homophobic attitudes, who are more prejudice or discriminatory against gay people, are themselves more likely to have a discrepancy between their unconscious attractions to same-sex partners than what they are aware of,” said Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester.

Grooming Allegations

Grooming is a psychological manipulation strategy typically employed by sexual predators to gradually desensitize their victims to inappropriate behavior.

In Crowder’s case, former employees allege that his workplace conduct mirrored such tactics, introducing a profoundly disturbing dimension to his profile.

The process of grooming often involves boundary-testing, typically initiated through seemingly innocent behavior, which then escalates over time.

In Crowder’s case, some former employees suggest that this behavior manifested as unsolicited, explicit messages and habitual public exposure. As they look back, what they initially dismissed as ‘frat boy humor’ takes on a more sinister form, revealing a pattern suggestive of grooming.

One former employee reflecting on Crowder’s behavior stated, “In the moment, we dismissed it as sort of frat boy humor. In hindsight, it’s super creepy and felt groomer-ish.” This shift in perspective is particularly alarming, indicating that Crowder’s actions could have had a deeper, more troubling motive.

Workplace Drug Abuse and Distribution

Equally distressing are the allegations of drug abuse and distribution, painting a picture of a workplace steeped in toxic behavior.

Reports suggest that Crowder didn’t merely indulge in drug use himself but allegedly encouraged others within his team to partake.

While it’s common knowledge that drug abuse impacts productivity and work relationships, fostering an environment that encourages such behavior goes beyond mere negligence.

Such a workplace culture can have dire implications on the physical and psychological well-being of employees, contributing to a hazardous environment where personal boundaries are crossed, and where predatory manipulation can take hold.


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