MAGA Rioter Asks To Have Ankle Monitor Removed Because He ‘Wants To Wear Shorts’

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One of the Trump supporters facing charges tied to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection has asked a judge to remove his GPS ankle monitor because he “wants to wear shorts” at work, according to NBC4 Washington reporter Scott MacFarlane.

Matthew Bledsoe of Memphis, Tennessee, was arrested on Jan. 15, after the FBI became aware that he “posted multiple still images and video clips of the riot from a since-deleted account bearing his full name, @theessentialmattbledsoe,” the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported earlier this year.

Bledsoe previously asked the court to drop the ankle monitor condition of his release but was denied, according to the Commercial Appeal’s report.

Now, Bledsoe’s attorney is asking again, saying the device is harmful to his moving company business, as it is difficult to conceal the monitor from customers — and it keeps him from wearing shorts to work.

MacFarlane reported via Twitter:

Bledsoe is asking the court to remove his tether device because he:

1)  Owns a moving company
2)  Is working a lot
3)  Wants to wear shorts
4)  Can’t wear shorts, because of ankle tether
5)  Says it’s “hard” to conceal ankle tether

“Mr. Bledsoe owns a moving company and spends a fair amount of his work time outdoors loading and unloading furniture off trucks while in the presence of his customers,” Bledsoe’s attorney wrote. “Mr. Bledsoe’s ability to do business depends on his customers having a certain degree of trust in him.”

The attorney went on to note that it “gets very hot in the summer” and Bledsoe generally “wears shorts at work, but he obviously cannot do this now because they would expose his ankle bracelet.”

“Also, given the nature of his work,  it is hard to conceal the ankle bracelet entirely even when wearing long pants,” the section concludes.

MacFarlane also noted in his reporting that prosecutors responded to Bledsoe’s request to have the ankle monitor removed by noting that police were called on the defendant in 2014 for punching a pregnant woman and repeatedly kneeing her in the stomach. 

Bledsoe was also arrested for domestic assault in October 2020, according to prosecutors. He was not convicted in either case.

Image credit: FBI

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