The Party Of Reagan? Today’s Republican Party Wants Russia To Defeat America

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After Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a challenge to President Joe Biden in March, insisting that the two hold a live debate online, some Republicans leapt at the chance to side with Putin over America’s president.

Charlie Kirk, a far-right devotee to former President Donald Trump, threw his support behind Putin as he denigrated Biden, tweeting that “Biden’s weakness” would be the “laughing stock of the world” if the two leaders debated live.

Likewise, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, another staunch Trump ally, said on Fox News that he didn’t believe Biden would emerge victorious from a debate with Putin.

The New Civil Rights Movement reported at the time:

Gaetz, a far right lawmaker, showman, and MAGA acolyte who recently offered to quit his job of being an elected representative for the people of Florida so he could represent Donald Trump in impeachment “court,” is now betting on the Russian leader over his own American President.

“Putin and Biden, it would not end like ‘Rocky IV,’ I don’t think the American would prevail,” Gaetz gleefully told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday night.

“Obviously Vladimir Putin, effectively trolling the president United States, and I want to make sure that we are the strongest country on the international stage and it doesn’t help that Joe Biden in almost every international negotiation is conceding to these globalist entities,” Gaetz claimed, using what is a slur in conservative circles, and often an anti-Semitic one.

“And when it comes to the Harris-Biden relationship,” Gaetz concluded, “everyone in Washington knows that every time Kamala Harris shakes the hand of Joe Biden, she’s checking his pulse.”

And Fox News host Sean Hannity also appeared to root for Putin, as he attacked Biden’s cognitive ability and said Putin was “openly mocking” the American president.

According to FOX Wilmington, Hannity said of Russian president’s remarks that Putin “is openly mocking the president of the United States for his own amusement, and frankly, I find it, as an American citizen, humiliating.”

The “Hannity” host mused that President Biden’s occasional references to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris” constitute moments of honesty.

“After all, Kamala Harris has taken all the solo calls with world leaders and is holding weekly meetings with the secretary of state,” he said. “Maybe this possibly could be the Harris administration after all.”

Hannity then asked: “Why would Vladimir Putin immediately call for a debate with Joe Biden with no time to prepare? What have I been saying? … When you compare Joe Biden to 2012 and even 2016, Joe Biden looks extremely weak, frail, often confused, and, yes, he is struggling cognitively. It is obvious. This is not brain surgery.”

“All of America’s enemies, all of the world’s hostile actors, they are seeing what we are willing to talk about openly. About Joe Biden struggling, kind of a shell of his former self from years gone by, who’s working clearly very hard to get to the weekend.

“Hell will freeze over before Joe Biden is ever allowed to debate Vladimir Putin. Why? Because Vladimir Putin would clobber him in any debate. That’s sad,” Hannity said.

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