Report: Accused Insurrectionists Aren’t Making Plea Deals Because They Believe Trump Will Save Them

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NBC Washington’s Scott MacFarlane reports that some of those facing charges for storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 are passing on plea deals because they believe former President Donald Trump will still swoop in and save the day.

“One defense attorney handling some US Capitol Insurrection cases tells me there’ll be a complication for plea agreement negotiations….  he says *some* defendants think Trump is going to swoop in and save them,” MacFarlane wrote on Twitter Sunday.

RawStory noted that MacFarlane’s report falls in line with cult expert Steven Hassan’s characterization of QAnon and Trump supporters in a March interview with Salon.

“There is a myth of invulnerability: The average person believes that they could never be manipulated into joining a cult,” said Hassan.

“When I was in the Moon cult in 1974, Sun Myung Moon gave a lecture to us about how God wanted Richard Nixon to be president despite Watergate,” he recalled when asked about the Capitol We were bussed down to D.C. We fasted for three days on the Capitol stairs because God wanted Nixon to be president. I was watching the attacks on the U.S. Capitol and I was thinking that I would have done that. If Moon told me we had to attack the Capitol for God I would have done it. I was already indoctrinated that democracy was Satanic and we needed a theocracy to rule America and the world.

“Watching the attack on the Capitol, I actually expected far worse. I thought there would be way more violence and death. I’m grateful that I was wrong, but I am absolutely not surprised that there was a violent coup attempt,” he closed.

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