No Criminal Charges For Officers Who Shot Black Man In Back Of The Head

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NBC News reports that there will be no charges for the North Carolina sheriff’s deputies who shot a Black man during an attempted arrest last month, saying the shooting was justified.

Andrew Brown Jr. died after being shot multiple times, including a fatal shot to the back of his head.

According to the report, the 42-year-old “was killed while behind the wheel of his car on April 21 in Elizabeth City as Pasquotank County sheriff’s deputies were serving a warrant for his arrest on felony drug charges.”

District Attorney Andrew Womble said Brown’s shooting death, “while tragic,” was “justified due to his actions.”

“No officers will be criminally charged,” Womble said. “The officers’ actions were consistent with their training and fully supported under law.”

The “deputies, in the moments they confronted Brown, had reason to believe his car could be used as a deadly weapon, Womble said.”

“The deputies faced both actual and apparent danger as perceived by them on the scene,” Womble said. “This apparent threat was reinforced by Brown’s dangerous and felonious use of a deadly weapon. As tragic as this incident is with the loss of life, the deputies on scene were nonetheless justified in defending themselves from death or great bodily injury.”

In a statement, Brown’s family said Womble “whitewash[ed]” the facts, NBC News reported.

“Andrew Brown Jr., his grieving family, and this community deserve answers,” according to the family statement.

“And they received anything but from D.A. Womble’s attempt to whitewash this unjustified killing. To say this shooting was justified, despite the known facts, is both an insult and a slap in the face to Andrew’s family, the Elizabeth City community, and to rational people everywhere.”

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