Navy SEAL War Criminal Pardoned By Trump Admits To Murder He Was Acquitted Of

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According to The Daily Beast, retired Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher has admitted to deliberately killing a 17-year-old ISIS prisoner in 2017, after having been acquitted of the soldier’s murder.

In 2019, Gallagher was charged for stabbing the ISIS fighter to death in Iraq, and was ultimately found not guilty of murder in a case that attracted the attention of President Trump. But during a recent interview with “The Line” podcast, Gallagher conceded, “We killed that guy…Our intention was to kill him. Everybody was on board.”

Gallagher’s defense had always claimed that the ex-special operations chief and his team had given the captured ISIS fighter medical help, but were unable to save him. Several members of his platoon testified against him at trial, accusing him of murder.

In the podcast interview, Gallagher said he and his team planned to render “medical treatment on him until he’s gone.” “I mean, he was going to die, regardless,” he said. “We weren’t taking any prisoners.” He also claimed that all of the SEALs involved agreed to torture the soldier until he was dead.

Task and Purpose reported that the ex-SEAL’s attorney, Timothy Parlatore, said Gallagher’s comments change nothing. 

Parlatore “said that Gallagher had not revealed anything new because both the prosecution and defense were fully aware during the court-martial that the SEALs had used the ISIS fighter to practice medical techniques.”

The attorney also said that regardless of what the SEALs did to the soldier, the “cause of death was Hellfire missile.”

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