In UK, Trump Fired Local Workers Despite Taking Nearly $1M In Public Funds To Retain Them

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According to HuffPost, a top union in the UK has complained that former President Donald Trump’s two Scottish golf resorts took in up to $800,000 in subsidies from the British government to protect jobs amid the pandemic but fired “scores” of workers.

Union officials called the money grab a “scandal” and are calling for a government investigation.

Trump’s SLC Turnberry Ltd received as much as $700,000 in taxpayer funds, while his resort in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, was paid up to $100,000 in just two months, according to government documents, reported the Scottish Sun. (The amounts are reported in ranges.)

Some other golf resorts collected as much or even more. But the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers complained to The Scotsman that the Trump Organization “hoovering up” public money while cutting staff made a “mockery” of a program specifically designed to save jobs.

The union said some 66 workers were let go at Turnberry in Ayrshire since last spring. Some have been hired back but at reduced pay, according to the union.

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