Op-Ed: Liz Cheney And Her Party Helped Create A Monster, And Now Its Eating Them Too

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Salon’s Chauncey DeVega writes that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and other Republicans “have been building Trumpism for decades” and warns: “Don’t get suckered by the friendly fascist.”

The American news media is obsessed with Liz Cheney. The hope peddlers and other happy pill-sellers have anointed the Wyoming congresswoman, along with Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, as valiant warriors, “responsible” and “traditional” Republicans who will somehow rehabilitate their party from the rise of neofascism and its assault on democracy.

This quest for respectable and honorable Republicans is a function of a profound, pathetic desire to return to a pre-Trump version of “normal,” a time before the standing norms and rules of American democracy were shattered by Trump and his political cult.

In reality, Liz Cheney and other “respectable” and “traditional” Republicans are wolves in sheep’s clothing. She supported almost all of Trump’s policies. She did not denounce or otherwise choose to leave the Republican Party out of protest or disgust or principle.

Cheney is no savior or defender of American democracy,” DeVega writes, adding that her “‘traditional’ Republican performance is a political gambit” that is meant to secure future power and potentially facilitate a presidential run in 2024.

In too many ways, Liz Cheney is best described as a “friendly fascist.”

As the Republican Party became more anti-democratic and pro-fascist, Liz Cheney actively enabled and contributed to that outcome. In short, she helped to create Trumpism, and should not be allowed to wash her hands of a mess that has stained her permanently.

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