MyPillow CEO Incinerated $1M On His ‘Free Speech’ Platform, People Mock Him After Learning This

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MyPillow CEO and staunch Trump supporter Mike Lindell reportedly spent about $1 million to launch his “Frank” social media platform that has gotten off to a rocky start, and social media users were at the ready to mock him.

Newsweek reported:

Lindell announced last week that his social media website, frankspeech, was set to have the second phase of its launch Monday morning. But the relaunch has been plagued by registration problems, loading errors and now leaked screenshots from a weekend Zoom call that show he spent about $1 million just in building the glitch-prone platform. Documentation was reportedly leaked from Lindell’s video conference alongside the so-called “free speech” platform’s IT team members. The equipment charges, hourly fees and other costs tied to the development of the website have racked up about $936,000, according to documents first shared by Salon staff writer Zachary Petrizzo on Monday.

Cue the mockery:

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