Son Of Deutsch Bank Executive Who Died By Suicide Appears To Be Missing

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Val Broeksmit, the son of a Deutsche Bank executive who died by suicide in 2014, reportedly has been missing since last Tuesday.

Investigative journalist Scott Stedman, who said he has been working with Broeksmit for the past two years on Deutsche Bank matters, reported via Twitter that his car was found abandoned in Los Angeles last week.

Reporter R.I.C.O. Castoro also reported via Twitter that Broeksmit was missing, writing: “Val Broeksmit has been officially missing for more than a week now. The car in which he was last known to be driving was left abandoned, lights on and keys in the ignition, according to a source close to Broeksmit. We continue to document all developments as they happen.”

Business Insider reported in October 2019 that Broeksmit “cooperating with FBI agents investigating the bank and has spoken to a congressional committee investigating President Donald Trump’s ties to the financial giant,” citing The New York Times.

The Times’ David Enrich on Tuesday published a profile of Val Broeksmit, 43, the adopted son of William Broeksmit. According to the report, after William Broeksmit’s death, Val Broeksmit discovered a trove of bank records — including minutes of board meetings, spreadsheets, and financial plans — in his father’s email account.

Image credit: Screengrab / @ScottMStedman / Twitter

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