Pastor Franklin Graham: Donald Trump Never Ripped Off Americans

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Pro-Trump evangelical leader Franklin Graham claimed Monday that former President Donald Trump did not rip off Americans during his years in office, instead painting Trump in an almost saintly light.

“President Trump did not even take a salary when he was serving as president—he gave it all back,” Graham wrote in a Facebook post, which included a link to a USA Today report stating that Trump has fallen in Forbes’ billionaire ranking.

“So many politicians leave office with far more money than when they came into office,” he continued. “This report says President Trump also dropped about $1 billion in wealth during those four years while he served.”

“Donald Trump became president not to make money or to put his hand in the till, but to do his best to preserve the great things about this nation for future generations. He put America first, not his own interests. I’ve never seen anyone work harder.”

“Thank you President Trump for your sacrifice and service to this nation,” Graham concluded.

The USA Today report noted that “government watchdog groups said Trump’s business holdings created myriad conflicts of interest throughout his presidency, particularly hotels and resorts that housed Secret Service and other government officials during presidential visits.”

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