Fox Host Claims American Teachers Hate Teaching And Hate Their Students

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Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld opined on Monday that remote learning during the pandemic has taught Americans that teachers basically hate everything, Media Matters reports.

The co-hosts of The Five were discussing the notion of ending remote learning and moving back to having all students return to brick and mortar schools when Jessica Tarlov asked Gutfeld for his take on the issue.

“I think we’ve learned — I think we’ve learned from Zoom, teachers hate teaching, and they hate their students and they hate the students’ parents,” he said. 

“I wonder if like — I mean — I guess everybody complains about their customers, everybody complains about their clients, but it seems like that’s what we learned — at least in California, it seems that it’s always California that the people are the most pissed off at — at the whole process of it.”

Gutfeld went on to suggest that “it’s time to bail on the system,” adding that there is a “promising movement of states” that seek to fund students rather than the public school system.

“It might be time for some real, actual — I mean, take this as an opportunity to create a new kind of education, because it’s clear this ain’t working.”


Image credit: Screengrab / Fox News / YouTube

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