Giuliani’s Son To Challenge Cuomo For New York Governor

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The son of Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani plans to challenge New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard reported Wednesday.

Andrew Giuliani, a former top aide to President Donald Trump and son of “America’s Mayor,” is “heavily considering” a bid for governor of New York in 2022, potentially setting up an epic clash between the two biggest political families in recent New York history.

“I plan to run,” Giuliani told Secrets.

“Outside of anybody named Trump, I think I have the best chance to win and take the state back, and I think there’s an opportunity in 2022 with a wounded Democratic candidate, whether it’s going to be Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo, whether it’s going to be a radical [Attorney General] Letitia James, whether it’s going to be a no-name lieutenant governor, I think there’s a very, very real chance to win,” he added.

Bedard noted that “Cuomo is expected to run for a fourth term, but he has been bruised by his mishandling of the coronavirus crisis and a sex scandal.”

Giuliani is the son of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and worked in the Trump White House as a director of the Office of Public Liaison. While he has no elected experience, he has been part of his family’s political business for years, a training that has produced several successful candidates, notably former President George W. Bush, a former Texas governor. In Arkansas, Sarah Sanders, a former Trump spokeswoman and daughter of longtime Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, is running for governor there.

Trump has been advising [Giuliani], though he has not picked a candidate to back yet. Giuliani said he considers Trump an “uncle,” since the families have known each other for decades. The two often golfed together during Trump’s four years in office.

A former Trump aide told Secrets that Trump and the Make America Great Again movement will back Giuliani.

While only 35 years old, the former golf executive has been described as unusually smart and diplomatic. He recently joined Newsmax as a political commentator, and Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said, “Andrew is a bright and articulate young conservative, and we’re glad he’s part of the Newsmax lineup.”

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