Report: Russian TV Praises Trump For Weakening U.S. As It Seeks To Invade Ukraine

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Local experts and Russian propaganda suggest that Russia is seeking to invade Ukraine in a show of force against U.S. sanctions.  Russian media is furious that the United States continues to punish it for its interference in American democracy.

Some of Russia’s more bombastic media presenters are threatening a nuclear conflict between NATO and Russia. This is not a sign of strength, but a signal of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fragility in the face of renewed American efforts to corner his regime.

Russian state television is not coy about its love for the former President of the United States. According to the Daily Beast’s Julia Davis, the Russian hosts praised Donald Trump for significantly weakening the United States in the face of a more assertive China and Russia.

Dmitry Kulikov (RT) — “The same state of war that we have right now (between U.S. and Russia) would have started within the first 6 months of the Clinton presidency (in 2017). America was much stronger then.”

Vladimir Soloviev (RT TV Host) ,“And Russia wouldn’t have had four years (of the Trump Administration).”

Dmitry Kulikov (RT): “That’s why they [Americans] are furious with Trump. He stole those four years from them and gave them to Russia and China.”

Putin is especially dangerous now because he likely feels cornered by NATO and its member states.

Short of direct combat, Biden and NATO can make the sanctions against Russia even more painful, specifically by focusing on the regime’s elites and their ability to launder ill-gotten money stolen from the Russian people.

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