Half Of All Trump Supporters Believe Democrats Are Engaged In Child Sex-Trafficking

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Yahoo News/YouGov Poll conducted just before the November election found that half of then-President Trump’s supporters believed Democrats are involved in child sex-trafficking rings, a claim made by the QAnon conspiracy theory.

YouGov explains the theory:

Free of any evidence, the QAnon is a theory that alleges that a group of Satan-worshiping pedophiles, including Democratic politicians, run a global child sex-trafficking ring and is plotting against the president.

  • Asked about QAnon in general, slightly less than half of Trump supporters (48 percent) had heard of the conspiracy theory, compared with 69 percent of Joe Biden supporters.
  • Of those who had heard of QAnon, 47 percent of Trump supporters said they were unsure what to make of the conspiracy theory, while 15 percent said they believed it was true and 16 percent said it had no basis in fact.
  • On the other side, “most (85%) Biden supporters who have heard of QAnon think it’s a conspiracy theory with no factual basis, with another 4% saying it goes too far but believe some aspects of it, and 3% think it’s entirely true.”

However, when the specific allegations of QAnon were put to voters, fully half (50%) of Trump supporters said they think Democrats are involved in elite child sex-trafficking rings, while another third (33%) aren’t sure. Only about one in six (17%) Trump voters say they don’t believe in such a theory.

The vast majority (82%) of Biden’s supporters don’t believe the conspiracy, although 5% say they do and 13% say they’re not sure.

  • The poll found similar results when asking respondents if they believed Trump was working to dismantle the alleged sex-trafficking ring: “52% think he is, 12% don’t think so and 37% are not sure. Again, a wide swath of Biden’s voters (80%) don’t believe it.”

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