Poll: Republicans Think Conservatives Face More Discrimination Than Black People

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Newsweek reports that a recent The Economist/YouGov poll revealed that most Republicans believe conservatives face more discrimination in the U.S. than Black people — or pretty much any other group.

In a The Economist/YouGov poll, respondents were presented with several groups and asked: “How much discrimination do the following people face in America today?”

Conservatives was one of those and overall 22 percent polled said a great deal, 27 percent a fair amount, 30 percent not much and 20 percent none at all.

Among Republican respondents, more felt conservatives faced higher levels of discrimination.

Of those, 40 percent said a great deal, 35 percent a fair amount, 17 percent not much and 9 percent none at all.

But when it came to Black people, Republicans saw much less discrimination.

“Overall 39 percent said a great deal, 29 percent a fair amount, 24 percent not much and 8 percent none at all,” when asked how much discrimination Black people face, Newsweek reported.

Among Republicans, the numbers were lower—and fell below conservatives in terms of how much discrimination they felt they faced.

Just more than 1 in 10, 14 percent, said a great deal, and 35 percent a fair amount.

Nearly 2 in 5, 39 percent, said not much and 13 percent said none at all.

The results were similar when Republicans were asked about Asian people, immigrants, Muslims and Jewish people.

Republicans also said Asian people, 14 percent a great deal and 36 percent a fair amount, and immigrants, 16 percent a great deal and 33 percent a fair amount, faced lower levels of discrimination than conservatives.

Muslim people, 14 percent a great deal and 44 percent a fair amount, and Jewish people, 16 percent a great deal and 39 percent a fair amount, were also ranked lower in terms of the amount of discrimination Republicans believe they face compared to conservatives.

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