Trump: Eliminating Filibuster Would Be ‘Catastrophic’ For GOP

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Former President Donald Trump has warned Republicans that if the filibuster is eliminated, irreparable damage with be done to the party, according to The Hill.

During an interview on the podcast “The Truth with Lisa Boothe,” Trump discussed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his attempts to fight off talk from progressives to eliminate the longstanding filibuster rule.

“Look, he’s hanging by a thread right now with respect to the filibuster,” Trump said of McConnell.

“And if they get the filler, he’s hanging on [Democratic Sen.] Joe Manchin, who always goes with the Democrats. Joe talks, but he ends up going with the Democrats. Now there’s another great senator from the state of Arizona. He’s hanging by a thread and if they get rid of the filibuster, if they knock it out, it will be catastrophic for the Republican Party.” 

The Hill noted that McConnell and others have issued similar warnings about the filibuster, which is “a provision that allows the minority party in the upper chamber to force an unfettered debate on any issue before a vote.”

Members of both parties have used the rule for decades to block legislative pushes from the opposite side of the aisle. The Senate requires 60 votes to end a filibuster and move to a vote. Currently, both parties have 50 senators, with Vice President Harris serving as a tiebreaking vote for Democrats. 

President Joe Biden has signaled his support for the “talking” filibuster, the news outlet reported.

“You had to stand up and command the floor and you had to keep talking along,” Biden said of past rules requiring someone to continuously hold the floor to keep a filibuster from being broken. “Once you stopped talking, you lost that and someone could move in and say, I move to the question of. You’ve got to work for the filibuster. It is almost getting to the point where democracy is having a hard time functioning.”

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