Proud Boys Leader Photographed With Lindsey Graham Charged With More Crimes

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According to The New York Times, Proud Boys leader Joseph Biggs has been hit with new charges related to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, after his initial arrest and charges in January.

F.B.I. agents have arrested two organizers for the Proud Boys in Philadelphia and North Carolina, and prosecutors filed new charges against two other prominent members of the far-right group in Florida and Washington State as federal authorities continued their crackdown on its leadership ranks, three law enforcement officials said on Wednesday.

With the new conspiracy indictment, prosecutors have now brought charges against a total of 13 people identified in court papers as members of the Proud Boys. Federal investigators have described the group, which appeared in force in Washington on Jan. 6, as one of the chief instigators of the riot at the Capitol that left five people dead, including a Capitol Police officer.

In the indictment, prosecutors accused Charles Donohoe, a Proud Boys leader from North Carolina, and Zach Rehl, the president of the group’s chapter in Philadelphia, of conspiring to interfere with law enforcement officers at the Capitol and obstruct the certification of President Biden’s electoral victory. Two other high-ranking Proud Boys who were already facing similar charges — Ethan Nordean of Auburn, Wash., and Joseph Biggs of Ormond Beach, Fla. — were also implicated as part of the conspiracy.

The Times reported that members of the Proud Boys “have been charged in four conspiracy cases, accused of crimes including threatening a federal officer and the destruction of government property.”

The new conspiracy case was the latest product of the efforts to prosecute the Proud Boys. Investigators have said that Mr. Biggs, 37, and Mr. Nordean, 30, equipped with radios and a bullhorn, led a mob of about 100 members and supporters of the group that marched through the streets of Washington on Jan. 6 chanting slogans and ultimately breached security barriers at the Capitol. Some Proud Boys were among the first rioters to shatter windows and enter the building, confronting police officers inside.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) turned up in a photograph with Biggs in November 2019, though he has denied knowing the Proud Boys leader.

Read the full report.

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