Russian State TV Is Using Tucker Carlson To Bolster Anti-Biden Propaganda

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Daily Beast columnist and Russian media analyst Julia Davis reported via Twitter on Wednesday that Russian state TV is using Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s content to ‘“bolster the Kremlin’s propaganda line that Joe Biden “is suffering from dementia.’”

This is not the first time that Carlson’s segments and the Kremlin’s agenda have crossed paths.

In 2019, The Oregonian reported that Carlson was spreading Russian disinformation regarding 5G networks, generating fear that the technology would cause physical harm.

The newspaper wrote at the time:

Russian disinformation operatives in recent months have been pushing scare stories about 5G networks. RT America, formerly known as Russia Today, has claimed that 5G signals “might kill you” and constitute an “experiment on humanity.”

The U.S.-based Russian TV network and other Russian sources have repeatedly proposed, without scientific support, that the technology causes brain cancer and various other diseases.

Now Fox News’ popular “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has weighed in on the 5G scare, causing social-media denizens this week to attack Carlson for parroting Russian propaganda. Various pundits on Twitter, including author and former FBI counterterrorism expert Clint Watts, discussed “the birth of a conspiracy” and passed around images from Carlson’s show that featured blood-pressure-spiking chyrons like “5G Is Coming: Should We Be Worried?” and “Potential Negative Health Effects of 5G.”

“Are 5G networks safe?” Carlson said on the program this week. “Physically, medically safe. There’s some debate about that.”

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