Republican Who Recently Voted Against Trans Rights Caught ‘Liking’ Trans Erotica

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According to LGBTQ Nation, an Alabama Republican state lawmaker was caught looking at transgender pornography online just one week after voting for a bill that limits transgender minors’ access to healthcare.

Alabama State Sen. Tom Whatley (R) liked an explicit tweet by the account “Bambi Hardcore TG 18+,” who describes themself as an “enbi trans girl faerie princess.”

“I love my new, fat, G-cup tiddies,” their tweet said, with a picture of their breasts. The tweet was posted on February 15, 2021, it appears in Whatley’s “Likes” feed, and his work-associated account is listed in the tweets’ likes.

This may surprise some of his constituents, considering what he was doing at work just last week. Whatley voted in favor of S.B. 10 in the state senate, a bill that would criminalize doctors who provide gender-affirming health care to young people in accordance with established transgender standards of care. The bill would be so draconian that a doctor who prescribes puberty blockers could get 10 years in jail for doing their job.

According to the AP, the bill would even cover talk therapy for transgender youth.

LGBTQ Nation reported that “Whatley offered an amendment to exempt counselors but it was rejected” and he voted for the bill anyway.

LGBTQ Nation asked Whatley why he liked that tweet. As of publication, he has not responded, but he has un-liked the tweet on Twitter. This news site also requested comment from the model in the picture. This article will be updated if either responds.

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Image credit: Screengrab / Alabama News Network / YouTube

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