Ron Johnson To Force Reading Of Entire $1.9T Relief Bill Before Senate Debate

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According to PBS News correspondent Lisa Desjardins, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told a Milwaukee radio station on Wednesday that he intends to force the Senate to read the entire COVID relief bill out loud before the process of voting can move forward.

Desjardins said the endeavor “will take an estimated 10 hours or so.”

In addition, Johnson said “he will try to keep the COVID relief debate and vote-a-rama going through Sunday, trying to recruit 12 or 13 Republicans to be on the floor at all times for that effort,” Desjardins reported.

From The Washington Post:

“I will make them read their 600-700 page bill,” Johnson said, detailing his plan during an interview on a Milwaukee conservative talk radio show.

He also said he plans to force votes on a huge amount of amendments to prolong the debate by several days.

“We need to keep this process going, so we can highlight how this is not covid relief, how this is a boondoggle for Democrats,” he said. “It’s a Democrat wish list setting things up for an even more socialist society, and it needs to be resisted and I’m going to lead the effort to resist it.”

Johnson said he’s forcing the drawn-out process in hopes of slicing hundreds of billions of dollars from the final bill. He’ll need at least a dozen GOP senators on the floor with him to keep the amendments going, he said.

Image credit: Screengrab / The Hill / YouTube

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